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A free, unaffiliated, searchable reference for anyone working in rare disease to find highly specialized solution providers

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We empower manufacturers to find the niche experts for solutions, not just the household names.

In this volatile marketplace of M&A’s, self-employment and pharma outsourcing are both on the rise. With web-based resources, video-marketing, and so much news content and educational conferences being accessible, the need for the massive unspecialized and unexperienced middleman to find and “broker” niche solutions for a rare manufacturer is unsustainable. YOUR product IS different.

Access To Specialized Solutions for Rare Manufacturers


Providing a thorough, unaffiliated resource to empower manufacturers to learn about all the targeted, outsourced talent and knowledgeable in this space and connect directly to these rare-disease-focused solutions providers in all stages of a product life-cycle.


Doctorate in Pharmacy with 25 years in managed care, 22 years in Pharma with 8 different manufacturers. 18 product launches, 7 to specialty markets. Passion for problem-solving in this industry, research and networking, building, educating, and empowering your organization to easily find the best of the best in rare disease. 


If you are a manufacturer, or consulting for a manufacturer, and need to find unique niche solutions that are not yet listed in our resource, contact us immediately.

If you are a solutions partner that would like to be listed in this resource, please contact us immediately.